DGUV Regel 112-191.

Foot and knee protection

DGUV Regel 112-191 (BGR 191)

In order to prevent accidents, occupational diseases and work-related health hazards, the employers’ liability insurance association has developed rules for health and safety. DGUV Regel 112-191 (formerly BGR 191*) deals with foot and knee protection.

In 2007 the guideline Berufsgenossenschaftliche Regel was amended, which brought with it a new requirement of the standard. For every orthopaedic fitting of safety shoes, it must be checked whether they still comply with the EN ISO 20345 standard.

An official testing institute tests the effects of the changes and issues an EC type examination certificate if the shoe has passed the test. Due to the high cost of this test, it is not economically viable to carry it out for every orthopaedic modification.

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*The DGUV 112-191 (BGR 191) is to be referred over www.arbeitssicherheit.de.